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Wil Hodge

Songwriter | Recording Artist | Author

Wil Hodge started out as a teenager writing love notes and poems to his girlfriend. As an adult, this creative passion led him to a guitar named “Guilda” and a huge body of songwriting work that continues to grow.

Eventually, Wil opened a commercial recording facility in Smyrna, Georgia. For twenty years, he served as a producer and recording engineer for bands, vocalists and other songwriters.

Also a recording artist, his CDs, “A Big Gotta Do Done Did, Applewood: Backwoods Loveosine (with Shelia Quattlebaum), See What I Hear (With Ryan Almario) and “Place Your Bet,” can be purchased on most streaming platforms.

Wil is proud to present his first series of books, “The Dark Ledger” and “The Ghost of Bethel Church,” hoping the intrigue of historical references and paranormal undertones, combined with quirky characters, will draw you into this twisting, turning adventure series.

Wil is an avid motorcyclist who lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife Karla (the girlfriend), and highly creative daughter, Amelia. He can be seen and heard every Sunday morning at Unity North Church in Marietta, Georgia playing guitar in the band.

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Place Your Bet

“Place Your Bet” is a blues/rock CD consisting of ten songs written by Wil. It’s fast where it needs to be and slows down in the turns. In short, a great musical ride.

Produced by Wil Hodge and Ryan Almario with a duet featuring Kristen Hope Justice and Wil, it to will hit you in the feels.

Big Gotta Do Done Did

“A Big Gotta Do Done Did” is a fast paced top forty Country style record thats clever and catchy from back when Country was cool. This one’s a lotta fun!

See What I Hear

Wil Hodge and Ryan Almario combine their talents to pull off a CD that will hit you in the heart. Reflective and inspiring, catchy songs about who we are inside dominate this CD.


Wil Hodge and Shelia Quattlebaum got together and cranked out a series of songs guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Think Emmy Lou Harris and Rodney Crowell type of collaborative tunes. Well written and sung with heart.

The Haunted Mysteries Of Maggie Styles

Book Series

The Dark Ledger

The Dark Ledger series is an ongoing story about a group of best friends who happen to be witches. A ledger is found by Maggie Styles and Jack Reynolds that shows a path to change history as we know it. They quickly find out that there are people who like history just the way it is.

The Ghost Of Bethel Church

The Ghost of Bethel Church finds the group investigating the origin of a voice that’s calling to them from the site of an unexplained fire that happened in 1802. An ancient Master Spirit is coming into our time period from there and that can’t happen. It’s a race against time to find all the clues and ghostly artifacts that will keep the evil at bay.


Wil Hodge is available for book signings and musical performances